Inspired by the past, designed for the future.


My name is Karolina and I am the founder of Finest Future.

My story and brand begins with me as a child watching my dad design and tailor shearling leather garments. It was he who tailored for me; my own and very first shearling jacket.

Let me take you back to my home town; a place called Zakopane. It’s a beautiful and scenic place; with mountains covered in snow, postcard perfect in every way. Zakopane is in the extreme South of Poland, where shearling tailored garments are made with time long traditional methods.


These tailoring traditions were passed down through many generations including my father; who still to this day says that the ingredients of great tailoring remain very simple – craftsmanship and the finest fabrics.

Since I moved to London I have often worn my favourite Winter shearling hooded jacket. It has always brought a lot of attention amongst my friends and colleagues and that’s largely due to finest quality leather and details to the hood that makes the jacket look unique and adds a touch of class.

The popularity of my jackets encourage me to bring this unique product to the UK fashion market and so I decided to create Finest Future. A brand that is inspired by the past but designed for the future...

Finest Future is a brand that features a trendy collection of jackets & accessories with perfect fit and fabric that meets the highest quality standards. Keeping your comfort in mind; this collection is edgy and casual, making it perfect for all occasions.

The outstanding quality of our jackets and accessories continues to be at the heart of business and remains a driving force for each day.

 I truly believe that finely; handcrafted, tailored garments provide the wearer unparalleled comfort, freedom of movement and impeccable style.

With my warmest regards,  


Founder of Finest Future.