When caring for your shearling natural leather garment we share the following tips:

  • It is always best to have clean and dry hands when handling.
  • If you should get caught out in the rain the nubuck, suede should be fine in a very light rain shower for a very short period. It is best to allow the coat to dry naturally and not to place it over heaters or radiators. If heavy persistent rain should fall it is best not to expose the coat if possible, if however you should get caught then again allow the coat to dry naturally in a well ventilated and warm room, but do not expose to a direct heat source. Once the coat is fully dried a light brush using a high quality soft clothes brush may be needed.
  • Soft shearling cleaning sponges can be used where marks appear however; these must be used with caution as these can cause abrasion and make the area look worse. Very light brushing using a high quality SOFT bristle clothes brush can be used to reduce/remove marks.
  • The use of wire brushes is not recommended as these are very abrasive and will damage leather.
  • Good quality shearling  protectors can be used. Our experience with protectors indicates that you need to spray them very regularly to keep up the protection.
  • Shearling should maintain it's charm and character for many years if not decades. Ideally keep the garment in a well ventilated room/area and away from radiators and heaters.
  • Sheepskin is a natural product and it is quite normal for it to shed fine particles when new. Don't worry, excess shedding can be reduced by very softly brushing the surface with a soft clothes brush that is non-abrasive. A clean and soft upholstery attachment on a vacuum cleaner can also be used to vacuum off excess wool shavings from the tailor's cutting table.
  • Care of your garment will ultimately reward you with a long life, however depending on ongoing level of care from time to time it may require dry cleaning by reputable dry cleaners.

The above is a common sense approach to looking after your sheepskin and lambskin garment, it is a free guide and Finest Future accepts no liability for the use of any of the contents and or interpretation of the guide. The information above is based on guidelines given by producers of fine quality sheepskin and lambskin garments which have been handed down over the decades.